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mama and son

I first photographed Pete when he was two years old, and visiting with him five years later was such an incredible experience; namely because I was able to witness how his sweet personality has taken shape.  Pete is amazingly polite, outgoing, and he’s also ridiculously intelligent.  He greeted me the second I walked into his home and insisted that I check out some of his favorite things in his bedroom.  This child showed me the thick chapter books he’d recently read and even asked if I wanted to check one out.  “You’ll have to bring it back to me, though.  Just like a library,” he noted.  Pete’s the kind of child you could have a conversation with and temporarily forget that he’s only in the second grade.  Admittedly, I kind of wanted to put the camera down at several times during our session just to chat with him and his mother, Kate.  The love this mama and son share is so enormous.  I feel so grateful that I was invited to capture it for them.


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